Motivation Vs. Dedication

Motivation and dedication, what do they truly represent and how can each of us firmly grasp these concepts... While pondering starting a business there were so many thoughts running ramped through my mind, how would I do it all, where would I get the money from, who is even going to buy my things, and lastly what if I fail? All these questions were answered as the ideas and concepts came into fruition.

Starting with motivation.. The ability to stay on task to achieve your dreams and goals no matter what. Well everyone is motivated aren't they? My answer is no, most people are just in a routine to make the days go by and fill that void of "being busy." Speaking for myself, I gain my motivation from seeing past failures around me and knowing I don't want to be like everyone else, aimlessly running around trying to make other people's dreams come true. I wanted to be my own person and create something with my brothers that will satisfy a greater need to better myself.

Then there's dedication.. Oh how so many people have this wrong. Dedication is how willing you are to do whatever it takes to complete your goals and make your dreams a reality. Everyone seems to think this is a part time action, but it should be a part of everyday life to gain more knowledge and better yourself. The drive to succeed and what it takes to get there are done so through motivation and dedication!