Deja Vú

That odd moment when everything feels the same..

Remember back to the times you had deja vu, the scents, the sounds and the sites brought you to a place you felt like you've been before.. Almost as if you were seeing into the future. We've all been there before and probably even said something along the lines of "Whoaaa, that was some serious Deja Vú!"

In my past experiences and through a lot of research, I've made the bold realization that these are our alternate realities. Realities that are being brought about through the vibrancies you're giving out. They steer you down one of your many realities that has been set out for you. Take it for what it is but we all have our own opinions.

Really focus on your intuitions the next time a scenario like this pops up. Think about how it makes you feel, how you were feeling before it came about and how does it make you feel after it's over. Maybe even write it down, then you can truly see where it's deriving from!