Connective Awareness

Sense your surroundings..

Have you ever entered into a situation and immediately felt as if there was a different vibe, whether good or bad, you just felt some sort of uneasiness? I can say with confidence this has happened to almost everyone at least once in their lives.

The first time I noticed this was sitting down on the porch with one of my cousins. He came up to me and stated, i don't know what it is but I have a very strong urge to just sit down next to you and be in your company.. You are giving off such Vibrant and accompanying vibrations. Ever since that day I have always taken the extra time to sense those frequencies in every situation to understand and get a better grasp on what it was I was about to get myself into.

So here's the challenge for you, the next time you sense feelings of this nature.. Stop, take a few deep breaths and figure out what or who is giving off those frequencies! After all we are all connected to each other whether we like to accept that or not.