The Bow Tie

How it all started

     From the early age of 5 I was extremely fascinated in the way the bow tie was structured. A bow: close to my neck, not too tight, not too lose... it fit just right. This fascination all started thanks to Bill Kenerson, our grandfather, who owned and operated a very successful bow tie company for more than 30 years. When we were young, every time we went to visit him in Vermont, we were bound to visit the Bow tie factory. No matter how many times we had been there before, there was always something new to learn. Bill was a very wise and successful man but didn't open up to many people. The little bit we know about him is truly something, myself and my brothers, will carry with us for eternity. I'll never forget, my 15th birthday I asked for a tangerine striped bow tie, I had no idea how to tie this bow tie but I was setting out on the journey to learn and master it. I wanted to be that unique, young, strapping lad who wore bow ties, setting myself apart from the average tie wearers. And now look where I am today, 7 years later, I'm still a young, strapping lad, but now I don't only wear bow ties I create them as well, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

         Bill is now off to a better place, but the legend he left behind is why we are here today, that's where we present to all of you, The Bow Tie Collective. With all this being said I hope you enjoy our website and please provide any necessary feedback.